Nanoflow Technology

With its patented knowledge, Healthdent used Nano molecular tehchnology and developed true warm Gutta Percha formula for dentists to achieve best root canal 3-D obturation possible. Healthdent’s new Nano based Gutta Percha material has shown following clinical charactors:


  • Nano GP is denser, less volummetric change, and lower working temperature. Increased material density during formulation, and lowered working temperature during both material formulation and clinical application prevent / reduce Gutta Percha molecule crystaline phrase change. In turn, it reduces the material shrinkage during clinical heating / cooling cycle.


    Air entrapment problems with Non-Nano GP

  • Nano Gutta Percha has smoothier handling character to prevent Gutta Percha material from sticking to endo condenser instruments. The material flow rate is more consistant to prevent after dispensing run off from Gutta Percha extruding devices. The softness / hardness and flow character can be tightly regulated for variety of clinical application techniques used by dorctors. Each Nano Gutta Percha material flow class provided by Healthdent comes with instruction sheet for recommended needle gauge and temperature settings.